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Friday, April 24, 2009 3:17 AM
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Dear Toyin

Some men of youth prefer far older Women, & when I say Older, I mean OLD! One of whom is a friend of mine; am I to judge his Desire & Attraction for Elder Women, whom of age could be his Grandmother & in turn their own Attraction for his youth. I have No right to do so, for as far I have noticed it isn't Sex for its own sake alone but deeper of meaning, which others in the main Consider Taboo; but what right have they to say so & if an Older Woman feels sexually desirable to a far younger Man, what be wrong with that, are they not Adults whom have the Choice to be mutually together in loving companionship...

A Psychiatrist might say that my friend suffers from a Mother complex desiring to be Mothered while an Older Woman needs to be all Maternal over a surrogate son, but such a perspective be simplistic & what right does the Psychiatrist or any other have to analyse or judge such desires; but of course they do, since they cannot grasp its reality themselves for they have other types of Complexes, which take on numerous forms betwixt & between Light & Dark...

Some women seek Independence within a Patriarchal society in order to be free of Male control, which is often wrought through Finance, which is understandable in a Society still dogged with the perception that a Woman stays at Home while the Man Works! However, there be women who want their Independence & still have the Man work for that is how they perceive Men; in other words they want their Cake as well as to eat it, but there be Men who only feel Male when supplying Cake. There are Men whom far prefer to stay at Home while their Female partner brings in the wages, while others work as a team, but by & large the underlying perception that a woman stays at Home with the Man working doggedly persists.

Now, lets cut to the quick, whether Feminists like it or not many of their Sisters like it that way who also want their Independence & should they not get what they want, there is one age old weapon utilised, which is usually that of Sex whose tap is turned off when there is no money in the house. One will no doubt find a Feminist get all flowery about it all to say such does not happen or that my own personal experience & that of observations is just sheer Sexist rubbish, but many a Male will say otherwise; a Feminist will attempt to wriggle her way out saying that the issue is far more complex of relationship dynamic since she will see where the argument is going... A Prostitute only offers Sex if there is Money crossing her hand; but of course such is a generalistion, yet I am often remided of a saying a Female friend of mine who is a staunch Feminist often to say, "If there is No Money in the House, Love Goes Out of the Window!"

Lets just say her Husband was worked to the Bone, while she attended College in order to be Independent climbing the ladder, but somebody had to pay the bills by grafting within a dead-end job! Was she subconsciously attempting to establish a hierarchy that her own Mother did not have, or to have copied? Who knows! Not my place to Judge! True Love requires two to tango in balance working together as a Team but it often does not work out that way!

Women do not like to be perceived as Sex Objects, which many a Man is so often told, yet when looking back over the vast epochs of Human history its Art to say otherwise; a Feminist may say that such Art forms are usually wrought by Men whom think with their balls to have no consideration for the deeper issues apart from sexual gratification, yet one has ancient Matriarchal Societies, which in the main produced the most Sensual of Erotic Art, while the Patriarchal Socities have a tendency to not only dumb down the Feminine but also to negate Sexual expression within its more austere Art forms; why do Patriarchal Societies bind the Feminine while negating Sexual expression? Is it because Patriarchal Societies Fear Feminine Sexuality, which does entice the Male away from Warring into Coupling instead!

Is one to look upon the Erotic Art of Ancient Greece, India, China & elsewhere whom indulged themselves within the Feminine to explore as merely being obsessed with Pornography? Or did the Erotic Art of the ancient world have a 'Sacred' dimension to it, whereby one cannot classify such Erotic Art as just being Pornography! But if one has no 'Sacred' dimension to ones own cultural Artistic expressions of austere patriarchal perception then one wouldn't know what the Sacred dimension of such art forms were, which covered areas both Dark & Light!

Some would admit that such ancient Erotic Art had a 'Sacred' dimension to it while others would consider it 'Profane'; both the Sacred & Profane are opposing faces of the same Coin crossing a Prostitute's hand whom was once considered to be a representitive of the Goddess within her Temple & she was not always young either for she has many faces fulfilling all desires.

Take Care

Mark Dunn

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